Managing Director's Message

Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies is a platform for students, academicians, experts, professionals, and industrialists in the field of technology and engineering to share their valuable skills, ideas, knowledge and wisdom gained after years of experience and sheer hard work. When we initially started this journal our sole objective was to contribute to the academic field that made us what we are today. We invited individuals from different corners of the world to submit their manuscript and received amazing response and quality research works for publication. This motivated us to expand our contribution to the society and with the help of able experts, we started scholarship programs, fellowship programs, and different value added competitions. I am thankful to my colleagues and talented team members for their hard work and dedication to make Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies  what it stand today.

We, at Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies , ensure that each individual contributing to our journal gets recognition and appreciation for his work. We aim to polish the student community with immense knowledge and opportunities, so that they acquire the required skills in the tech industry. Through our learning programs, we inculcate the habit of critical and innovative thinking, we equip the individuals with extensive research and writing skills, and ensure strong decision making capability to excel under any situation.

With this note, I thank you for visiting our website. I hope that we were successful in giving you valuable insights about this journal and look forward to maintain long-term cordial relationship with you on this platform.


                                      Mr. Aniruddh Singh | Founder &  Managing Director